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Welding Course in Islamabad

Welding Course in Islamabad

Name of course: Welding 06 month (800 hrs)
Overall objective of Course:
Improve the Level of skill of workers in industry and increase the economic potential of the country.
Provide industry with workers whose scope with job knowledge and skills are identified.
Assist in human resources development by providing precise and assessed country’s skilled manpower quantitatively as well as
Create an incentive and desire for workers to attain a high level of knowledge and skills competency in their respective trade / profession.
Establish a co-ordination among employer’s, workers and government relating to human resources development programs.
Provide technical and vocational training basis which reflects the requirements of industry.
Facilitate the mobility skilled workers.
Competencies gained after completion of course:
Knowledge Competency:
After successful completion of this training, the trainee should be able to:
Describe Measuring, Marking, Cutting, Sawing, and Filing, Drilling/Counter sinking, Threading tools / instruments, their uses & Safety and
Personal safety.
Explain basic arithmetic & geometric terminologies, calculate, and solve the problems.
Explain the Gas Welding / Cutting tools and equipment, their use and safety.
Explain the Soldering & Brazing process and their use on common metals.
Determine Arc Welding processes, tools and equipment, their use and safety.
Express the suitable welding joints, welding positions, Electrodes, their use and selection.
Describe welding defects and their remedies.
Explain the inspection and testing of welded joints to ensure quality of weld.

Welding Course in Islamabad

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 28500 PKR.

For Registration Please Contact Us : 0336-3333792, 051-8314594

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