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Vertical Rescue Course in Islamabad

Vertical Rescue Course in Islamabad

Straining course is taught by experienced emergency services instructors who will perform rescue scenarios that are relevant to your work site. This training course is very hands on with 75% of the time being ‘on ropes’ and performing rescue scenarios. Various types of equipment can be covered depending on the complexity of the types of rescue methods applicable at the site. Training and course subjects will be  completely tailored to the requirements of the work site. Following the training course, all competent trainees will be capable of responding to various on-site rope rescue emergencies. The skills taught will be tailored to your workplace requirements and contexts such as:
• Mine Sites
• Refineries
• Power Stations
• Cliffs and Canyons
• Confined Spaces
• Ships and Vessels etc.

Course Outline:
• Falls from height regulations
• Theory: harness, ropes etc.
• Hardware theory
• Knots and hitches
• Anchor points and systems
• Suspension trauma
• Abseiling skills
• Rope ascension skills
• Rescue team ethos and ideals
• Lowering and raising systems
• Stretcher escorting and patient handling
• ‘Pick off’ rescues
• Safety Officer and Team Leader roles and responsibilities
• Belay systems and climbing skills (Optional)
• Decline traverses (Optional)
• Tyrolean traverses (Optional)

For Registration Please Contact Us :📱 0336-3333792 ,📱0316-5643400 , ☎️  051-8314594

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