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Textile Designing Course in Islamabad

Textile Designing Course in Islamabad

The Textile Design program encourages exploration of the subject area, engaging with a range of processes and product areas and balanced by the need for students to specialize and develop advanced design and production skills. This is supported by areas of critical/contextual studies and professional practice.
Competencies gained after completion of course
Knowledge Proficiency Details
 To provide an intellectually stimulating environment, in which trainees can develop the critical, conceptual and practical skills of the Textile Designer.
 To promote a forward thinking culture where participants approach their work with a sense of enquiry, individuality and innovation.
 To pursue independent research and develop a personal visual language which can be applied to a range of Textiles practice.
 To promote understanding of the link between concept, knowledge and specialist practice and its application within the context of employment and continued professional development.
 To create an environment where independent judgment and decision making is undertaken, and a strong critical awareness promoted, based on knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses.

To ensure that students have firsthand experience of the processes involved in the planning and production of contemporary Textile outcomes.
 To create a framework of experience that allows the student to make informed decisions about their future directions.
 To facilitate individual conceptual practice in a stimulating environment.
 To maintain and develop professional and external links and relationships in appropriate industrial and commercial contexts.

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 28500 PKR.

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