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Takaful (islamic insurance) Diploma Course in Islamabad

Takaful, or Islamic Insurance, is an integral part of the Islamic financial services industry. It has grown tremendously over the last few years with 15% to 30% growth recorded in various regions. Both Islamic and conventional financial institutions are exploring the untapped market, which creates significant potential for professionals to benefit from this promising industry. The Certified Islamic Takaful Professional (CIMP) e-learning course provides a unique opportunity to keep professionals abreast of contemporary developments and trends in the Takaful industry.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand origin, history and key features of Islamic Takaful industry
Apply knowledge of different Takaful products in professional life
Better understand global landscape of Takaful institutions
Gain strong foundation about Takaful Models, Takaful Products & Services
Build a solid foundation for your professional future

Course Outline:
Introduction of Takaful Industry
Historical Development of Islamic Financial Industry
Origin & History of Takaful
Difference between Takaful & Conventional Insurance
Islamic Takaful Institutions and Shari’ah-Compliance Framework
Global Landscape of Takaful
Takaful Models, Takaful Products & Services
Opportunities & Challenges of Takaful Industry

Comprehensive Exam

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