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Site & Equipment Inspection Course in Islamabad

Site & Equipment Inspection Course in Islamabad

We provide a number of courses related to site and equipment inspection.These courses focus on educating the participants on how to conduct a proper inspection of tools and equipment which can include mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment. In addition Site & Equipment Inspection, courses go over all the lifting equipment inspection items and highlight the proper methods to inspect equipment and report them. The course is designed to allow participants to be able to walk through a workplace or work site and identify any factors that can cause injury or illness. This course will assist potential inspectors, managers, supervisors, committee members and health and safety representatives in performing effective inspections. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if hazards are present if workers have been or are likely to be exposed to hazards if anyone has been injured as a result of the exposure, and whether or not safe working procedures are being followed by workers.

Course Outline:
• Introduction to Inspection
• Roles and Responsibilities of Inspectors
• Inspection on general equipment
• Inspection of mechanical equipment
• Inspection of hydraulic equipment
• Inspection of lifting equipment
• Poor inspection practices
• Practical inspection exercises
• Recording inspections
• Site survey inspections
• Certification
• Reporting defects.

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