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Scaffolding Level 2 Course in Islamabad

Scaffolding Level 2 Course in Islamabad

To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding structures of an intermediate complexity in traditional tube and fitting and common system scaffolds. Level 2 Scaffolders should only carry out the erection and dismantling of scaffold structures covered within course. They are competent to work as part of a team, but must not lead operations if the work is outside the scope of the training, adequate direct supervision is required at all times.
Course Outline:

Course introduction & registration
Theory revision and preparation
Practical demonstration followed by candidates task of erecting a basic “frame” of an independent tubular scaffold, working to basic drawings
Erection & dismantling of independent tubular scaffolds, working to drawings
Erection & dismantling of independent tubular scaffolds with return, working to drawings
Working with ladder and unit beams for bridging and cantilever work
Practical assessment one ‘Erection & dismantling of an independent scaffold in tube and fitting’
Practical assessment two ‘Erection & dismantling of a system type scaffold’
Practical assessment three ‘Erection & dismantling of a tube and fitting tower’
Practical assessment four ‘Erection & dismantle of a truss-out scaffold’
Practical assessment five ‘Erection & dismantling of a roof saddle scaffold’
Theory revision and theory assessment
Course evaluation and provisional results

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 22000 PKR

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