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Scaffolding Level 1 Course in Islamabad

Scaffolding Level 1 Course in Islamabad

The course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials and practical training. Our Scaffolding Level 1 Training and assessment programme enables experienced drivers to gain the necessary training. Successful Scaffolding Level 1 Training course candidates get certified after demonstrating their skills and knowledge.The aim of scaffolding level 1 training course is to provide participants with the opportunity to become competent in applying the skills, knowledge, and attitudes associated with the safe erection/dismantling of scaffolding systems.

Course Outline:
Day 1
Introduction to Scaffolding
Legislation and Regulations
Code of Practice for Access and Working Platforms
Scaffolding Terminology
Components, Standards, Ledgers, Couplers etc
Foundations, Bracing and Tying Scaffolds
Working Platforms, Ladder Access, Manual Handling
System Scaffolds, Kwikstage, Cup Lock and RMD
Theory of Basic Independent Scaffold using Kwikstage
Practical Exercise: Erect 3 x 2.4m bays, one lift
Day 2
Dismantle Scaffold
Erect 3 x 2.4m bays, two lifts high, 2 x 2.4m bay return
With ladder access, Tie in Scaffold with different gangs using different methods
Dismantle Scaffold
Day 3
Erect mobile, static and loading bay towers
Different groups covering each.
Assessment of Work.
Dismantle Scaffold.
Good Housekeeping practices.
Theory of Birdcage Scaffolds
Practical Exercise: Take of Quantities for Components
Erect Birdcage – 3 Bays by 2 Bays and 2 Lifts high
Day 4
Dismantle Birdcage
Theory of Basic Independent Scaffolds – tube & fittings
Interpretation of Drawings
Quantifying Components
Practical Exercise: Erect 2 bay by 1 lift high independent
Dismantle Scaffold
Day 5
Practical Exercise – Manual Handling
Correct Manual Handling Procedures for tubes and fittings.
Erect 3 bay x 2 lift high independent with ladder access
Theory and Practical Application – Gin Wheels & Ropes
Complete Dismantling of Scaffold
Theory of Towers – static, mobile and hoist
Practical Exercise: take of quantities for components
Erect towers (size vary) 2 lifts high with ladder access
Dismantle Scaffold
Day 6
Practical test
Day 7
Theory Test
Review of Course
Advice and guidance on future training and gaining experience.

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 15000 PKR

For Registration Please Contact Us :📱 0336-3333792 ,📱0316-5643400 , ☎️  051-8314594

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