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Risk Management Diploma Course in Islamabad

This course is designed for project leaders who are tasked with managing project risk and are seeking a practical, easy-to-use risk management process they can implement, along with the supporting tools. In this course, we will introduce the Construction Industry Institutes’s risk management best practices, scaled for time-efficient use in small and midsize capital projects. Using interactive case studies, participants will work in small project teams to apply course learning and conduct a risk identification workshop, complete an assessment of identified risks, and develop risk responses.

Learning Outcomes:
Explain the key components of the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) risk management process
Conduct a risk identification meeting in a manner that increases team alignment
Select an appropriate level of risk assessment based on project complexity
Develop actionable risk responses
Maintain a Risk Register for tracking and communicating project risk
Understand project team roles and responsibilities in risk management

Course Outline:
Risk Management Process
Risk Identification
Risk Assessment
Risk Response
Risk Monitoring

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