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Risk Management certificate Course in Islamabad

Risk Management certificate Course in Islamabad

Risk management involves understanding, analyzing and addressing the risk to make sure organizations or individuals achieve their objectives safely. The main objectives of this course are to ensure that all the risks affecting the profitability and other material risks are identified, assessed and analyzed, to ensure the overall efficiency, security and continuity of operations. The course offers a comprehensive look at the risk management process, including tips to apply and traps to avoid. In addition, the course provides students with practical, ready-to-use approaches for risk planning, identifying and analyzing project related challenges, developing risk handling strategies, and monitoring progress in implementing risk handling techniques.

Course Outline:
• Overview of risk management
• Create a risk management plan
• Communicate risks efficiently
• Needs for project risk management
• Understand the typical risk management process
• Sources of risk
• Common risk categories
• Definition of risk, risk management
• Project risk management process steps (planning, assessment (identification
and analysis), handling, and monitoring)
• Learn how to setup a healthy risk management practice for various projects
• Process steps commonly missing in a project
• Organizational implementation
• Behavioral issues associated with implementation
• Documenting and communicating results

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