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Rigger Level 2 Course in Islamabad

Rigger Level 2 Course in Islamabad

Rigger Level 2 training provides the knowledge and skills necessary for a person to work as a journeyman level rigger. This course prepares persons to perform rigging calculations and to select and apply rigging for safe controlled load handling. As of November 2010 all “Signal Persons” and “Riggers” must be qualified in accordance with OSHA 1926 Sub part CC. Persons completing this training will understand their responsibility to ensure proper rigging methods are used and that all variables which could result in a rigging failure are accounted for through planning and proper selection of gear. Training satisfies the qualification requirements for OSHA 1926, 1910, and other required qualifications.

Course Outline:
An in-depth review of all Rigger Level 1 topics
Types of slings
Proper selection of slings
Types of hardware/rigging gear
Proper selection of hardware and gear
Below-the-hook lifting devices
Types of hitches
D/d ratio
Using working load limit tables
Calculating load weight
Load force considerations
Locating the horizontal and vertical center of gravity
Calculating sling stress for symmetrical and non-symmetrical loads
Determining sling length
Rigger/personnel safety
And, much more…

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 22000 PKR

For Registration Please Contact Us :📱 0336-3333792 ,📱0316-5643400 , ☎️  051-8314594

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  1. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

  2. Muhammad Jawad Sarwar

    I’m happy to see the course outline. If all covered and provided atleast basic knowledge to candidates, then this will be a great work of institute.
    Here I also want to know duration and numbers of hour for this course?

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