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Rigger Course in Islamabad

Rigger Course in Islamabad

Rigging, Lifting & Slinging operations on Oil and Gas, Construction and Engineering sites are carried out worldwide on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the results when things go wrong can be both dangerous and catastrophic to lives and equipment. This course will enhance the skills of personnel who perform Rigging, Lifting & Slinging activities using Lifting Equipment and Lifting Accessories to the recognized industry standards, including the current Rigging/ Moving Loads Regulations and legislation. This course will promote the best industry practice in Rigging, Slinging & Lifting methodology and Inspection of Equipment and work to the requirements of safe use of lifting equipment. Depending on the client requirements we offer a wide variety of Rigging, Lifting & Slinging courses to suit all levels of experience and knowledge such as Basic Rigging & Lifting, Banks-man-Slinger Training Course, Rigger 3, Rigger 2, and Rigger 1 advance level.

Course Outline:

Use of hand signals
Use of Chain Slings
The types and grades of chains
The use of SWL Charts
Slinging with chain slings and collar chains
The do’s and don’ts of slinging with chains Rope Slings
Synthetic slings and wire rope construction and grades
Types in general use and their applications
Calculating tension to weight at various angles
Working angles and SWL Charts
Do’s and don’ts of synthetic slings and wire ropes in slinging
Synthetic Slings
The types of slings in use and their applications
Identification of SWL
The do’s and don’ts of slinging with synthetic slings
Safety Standards and Legislation pertaining to slinging
Testing, storing and using chain, synthetic slings and wire rope
Slings emphasizing safe working methods
The basic principles of handling moving loads
Using eye bolts and shackles etc. when lifting
Appreciation of working with cranes and the correct use of hand signals
Calculating weights and centers of gravity loads

Course Complete Charges (FEE)
Rigger Level 1 Fee: 22500
Rigger Level 2 Fee: 32500
Rigger Level 3 Fee: 42500

For Registration Please Contact Us :📱 0336-3333792 ,📱0316-5643400 , ☎️  051-8314594

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