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Retail Banking Diploma Course in Islamabad

Retail banking is increasing in popularity throughout the world as banks compete to take market share of private clients. Retail banking is unique and different to traditional banking, this type of banking focuses on the customer and their needs, putting packages and plans in place to ensure the clients financial needs are met at all times.

Learning Outcomes:
What is a Bank?
Regulatory requirements
Deposit Taking & Savings Products
Account Opening Procedures
Lending Products
Non Funds Based Retail Banking Services
The Basic Principles of Lending
Introduction to Credit Analysis
The Basics of Risk Management
Introduction to Debt Collection & Recovery
Sources of Funding – the basics
Distribution Channels – the basics
An Introduction to Technology
A Brief Look at The Future of Retail Banking

Course Outline:
What is a bank
The role of banks
Type of banks
Ring Fencing following the Vickers report
Client base
Economies of scale
Management structure
Regulation & reporting
Shareholders expectations

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