OTHM level 7 Diploma in Environmental Management Course in Islamabad

OTHM level 7 Diploma in Environmental Management Course in Islamabad

 Level 7- Diploma in Environmental Management aims to equip learners about with the knowledge, understanding about the Environment Management. To identify the systems of environmental systems, about the concept of the Environmental Management System, about the ways to control and manage different factors of the environment, role and importance of Environmental Management Systems. Learners will also know about the ways to develop an Environmental Policy after getting information regarding the Environmental Policy and Governance. Learner will get information concerning Environmental Impact Assessment. Taj Institute Learners will become able to understand the Methodologies and procedures of (EIA).

OAL – Level 7 Diploma in Environmental Management Course in Islamabad

The Occupational Awards Limited is an organisation that is committed to provide one of
the best trainings and qualifications in multiple sectors to enhance knowledge, capability
and working potential of associated professionals.

What is Environment Management?
Environmental Management plays significant role when it comes to research, use
and conservation of natural resources, protection of habitats and control of hazards,
spanning the field of environmental management without regard to conventional
disciplinary limits.
This is a fine extract of numerous subjects and fields like biology, botany,
chemistry, climatology, ecology, ecological economics, environmental engineering,
forest sciences, geosciences, information science, public health, toxicology, zoology and
many others as well, therefore covering almost each critical aspect precisely.

Who is this course intended for?
Considering complexity of this level in environmental management and
responsibilities associated with it, specific designations are recommended to proceed for
this course as listed below:
 Environmental Advisor
 Sustainability Manager
 Energy Consultant
 Energy Manager

Overview of the course:
Environmental management level 7 aims at providing a complete concept of this
system along with the identification of essential core points like roles, importance,
critical factor management, control methods along with enabling learners to study and
implement environmental policy, perception and raising public awareness as well.

Course Contents:
Level 7 Environmental Management course has been organised in eleven units.
Below you can see units along with mandatory topics.

Unit 1 – Sustainability and the Environmental systems
 Issues for sustainable resource management
 Technical and management tools
 Planning for emergencies and communicating with stakeholders

Unit 2 – Environment Management – Decision Making
 Introducing The Environmental decision making
 Exploring with systems
 Identifying change
 Taking action

Unit 3 – Global the Environmental Issues
 ISO Standards
 EMAS Description
 The Environmental Management System
 Energy Efficiency
 Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
 The Environmental Auditing
 The Environmental Management and Valuation
 The Environmental Accounting
 The Environmental AL Trade Shifts

Unit 4 – The Environmental Auditing
 Essential the Environmental Science
 Financial Assessment
 Water Pollution Control
 Noise Control
 Air quality management
 Solid waste management

Unit 5 – The Environmental Policy
 Benefits of the Environmental Policy
 The Influence of Internal and External Interested Parties
 Key Requirements
 Developing the Environmental Policy

Unit 6 – The Environmental Policy and Governance
 Policy instruments available to protect the environment
 The environmental governance
 The environmental policy-making in government
 The environmental law & its operations
 Role of The Environmental Management Systems

Unit 7 – The Environmental Law
 The Environmental regulatory framework in the UK
 The Environmental Permits
 Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency
 Contaminated Land

Unit 8 – Managing Changes in the Environment
 Understanding and Managing Changes
 Ecology and Conservation
 Agriculture and Environment
 Sustainable Energy

Unit 9 – The Environmental Science Challenges
 Climate change
 Conservation
 External opportunities and self-directed
 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing
 Impact of volcanoes
 Pollution
 The circular economy

Unit 10 – The Environmental Perception and Public Awareness
 Sources of the environmental perception and public awareness
 Level of environmental perception
 Role of the environmental perception in the environmental planning and

Unit 11 – The Environmental Impact Assessment
 Appraisal of existing the environmental conditions
 Appraisal of existing and proposed production methods
 Methodologies and procedures
 Possible impacts of existing and proposed project
 Review of technology and required improvement

Course duration
Based on 120 credit hours, OAL level 7 – diploma in environmental management
will be delivered to a learner in 4 months.

Assessment method:
Exam will be based on multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Benefits of Environmental Management:
Upon completion of this extensive training, a learner will be able to perform certain
critical roles professionally in an organisation. Few are listed below:
 Improve environmental performance
 Enhance compliance
 Pollution prevention
 Resource conservation
 Increase efficiency/reduced costs
 Enhance employee morale
 Enhance image with public, regulators, lenders, investors
 Employee awareness of environmental issues and responsibilities

OTHM level 7 Diploma in Environmental Management Course in Islamabad


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