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NEBOSH Open Book Examination Course in Pakistan

NEBOSH Open Book Examination Course in Pakistan

Introduction to NEBOSH OBE (Open Book Examination)
An Open Book Examination is an examination that allows candidates to use study materials and research resources, such as the web, to when answering questions.

OBEs are commonly used in colleges and universities, and they are a valid means of assessment. In no way will it diminish the quality or standard of your qualification. The OBE will now be the only formal assessment option for the General Certificate in the future.

The NEBOSH open book exam paper consists of two parts. Part one being a scenario; part two being the questions. Below are some tips on how to answer the scenario-based questions.

You have 24 hours to complete the examination, giving you as much time as you need to complete your answers. What’s more, this time does not have to be all in one go; you can spread it over the 24 hours, or you can do it in one sitting. Most students complete the OBE in around 4 hours.

Where do I sit the exam?
The OBE can be completed at your home, place of work, or any other venue where you are comfortable and alone. It’s best to choose somewhere quiet. Although you’re allowed to access your resources, you aren’t permitted to contact your tutor or anyone else to help you with your answers, either by e-mail, phone or text.

We recommend choosing a location that:

Is comfortable, ideally with a desk and chair
Has space for your notes and study resources
Has a strong Wi-Fi signal
Is private, quiet, and free from distractions
Has a clock, so you can monitor your time
How to book your NEBOSH exam
Exam dates are released by NEBOSH periodically, and typically about six weeks before the exam date. If you are a Phoenix student, we will contact you via email once the dates are released. Please regularly check your spam folders and look out for the e-mail as it will inform you on the next steps.

NEBOSH will contact you 2-3 days before the examination date with an e-mail that contains your login details. We advise that you log in, change the password, and familiarise yourself with the platform the day before.

You will need to download the Moodle app using the login details sent to you by NEBOSH.

If you experience any issues with this app, please contact obe@nebosh.org.uk. Please be advised that this is not a Phoenix platform, so we may not be able to help you.

Follow the on-screen instructions. There will be two downloads available: a question paper (containing the scenario and the questions) and an answer template. It’s preferable to complete the answer online, although you can print it off if you wish. The Moodle app will tell you how much time is remaining to complete the exam. For face-to-face classroom courses, your tutor will discuss mock papers during your study sessions. There will also be online revision sessions available to you in the run up to the exam. Distance and e-learners can access the study support forum. From these revision sessions, you will gain crucial feedback and information on how to answer scenario-based questions. Try to complete one paper a week; however, only submit 2-3 questions at a time to focus your learning in various topic areas.

What is a Scenario-Based Question?
In the Open Book Exam, you’ll receive a scenario and a set of ten questions. The scenario will be a hypothetical workplace situation including some background information about the role you play. You need to carefully consider the details of the role and relate to the scenario in your answers. An example of a scenario-based question can be found in the e-learning and revision resources. Please beware, however, that the scenario given to you on the exam day will not be the same as the sample paper.

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