NEBOSH OBE Course in Pakistan

NEBOSH OBE Course in Pakistan

Introduction to NEBOSH OBE (Open Book Examination)
NEBOSH has introduced a new format of assessment for “International General Certificate” i.e. online “Open Book Examination”; unlike the paper-based examination, this format represents a reliable array of real-time scenario questions that needs the learners to express the application of their skills with underpinning HSE knowledge. After the online OBE assessment, a closing interview will be conducted by the learning partners (Green World Group) to confirm that the documents submitted are done by himself/herself during the exam session. Also, the Interviewer might ask some questions regarding the subject.

What is NEBOSH Open Book Exam?
NEBOSH Online Open Book Examination can be undertaken at your personal comfortable space without any disturbance via a digital medium (PC, Laptop, or any other smart devices). Candidate can make use of their textbook/course provider notes/internet as resources to know to understand the question and give the most appropriate answer to the given scenario/questions and complete the exam in the given time.Copy-paste from any resource will lead to failure in the exam. Each question is unique and based on a real-time workplace scenario, as the main objective of the NEBOSH Open Book Examination is to ensure and know how the candidate is well versed in using health and safety at the workplace.

Structure of NEBOSH IGC Open Book Examination
NEBOSH Open Book Examination is designed to fetch the knowledge from candidate what they have understood during their course time and not what they know form their syllabus, as the use of NEBOSH IGC course is purely application based. The question may contain a real-time scenario issue at the workplace, in which the candidate will have to know, understand the question, analyze and give an appropriate answer for that issue and give the best solution to it.

Question pattern of NEBOSH Open Book Exam
The question pattern is purely based on the facts of the NEBOSH IGC syllabus and real-time scenario which are related to the syllabus. Understanding the syllabus and content while learning only will make it easier for the candidate to give the appropriate answers.

Duration of NEBOSH Open Book Exam
NEBOSH has allotted 24 hours to submit the OBE assessment and candidates can make use of the given time-frame to understand the question, to refer course materials, and give the appropriate answer, whereas candidates can also complete the exam within 4 to 5 hours.Remember that the exam timing is set under the British Standard Timing (BST). The exam commences at 9 A.M. BST, the candidate should be careful with their country’s time and send the answers within 24 hours from 9 A.M. BST.

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