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Motorcycle Mechanic Technical Course in Rawalpindi

Motorcycle Mechanic Technical Course in Rawalpindi

Overall objective
To prepared and train a student to become a motorcycle mechanic to earn a respectable living and learners will be able to work as skilled worker.
Instruction Sets
Your program consists of eight Instruction Sets written to take you step-by-step through the knowledge and skills you’ll use in your new career.
Module 1

Introduction to Motorcycle and ATV Repair
Career opportunities; types of motorcycles and ATVs; tools; safety.
Module 2

Motorcycle and ATV Engine Configurations
Engine ratings; single- and multi-cylinder two- and four-stroke engines.

Practical Exercise 1

Module 3
Four-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine
Four-stroke engine operation; basic components; compression and ignition.

Two-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine
Two-stroke engine operation; the advantages and disadvantages of two-stroke engines.

Practical Exercise 2

Module 4
Lubrication and Cooling Systems
Lubricants; oil types; bearings; bushings; seals; two- and four-stroke engine lubrication; air and liquid cooling systems.

Fuel Systems
Operation and design of carburetors; fuel delivery and injection systems; fuel tank and accessories.
Clutches, Transmissions, and Drives
Clutch types and repair; inspecting and replacing transmission components; final drive systems.

Practical Exercise 3

Module 5

Two-Stroke Engine Top End Inspection
Removal of engine and top end components; top end reassembly; installing the engine.
Two-Stroke Engine Lower End Inspection
Removing external engine components; crankshaft repair; lower end reassembly.
Four-Stroke Engine Top End Inspection
Engine removal; disassembly, inspection and reassembly of top end; engine installation and break-in.
Four-Stroke Engine Lower End Inspection
Removing electrical components, clutch, and oil pump; crankshaft disassembly and inspection; engine reassembly.

Practical Exercise 4

Module 6
Electrical Fundamentals
AC and DC current; circuits; electrical measurement.
Charging and Ignition Systems
Operation of charging and ignition systems; types and components; troubleshooting and maintenance.
DC Circuits for Motorcycles and ATVs
Starting systems; lighting and special accessory circuits; warning gauges/lights.

Practical Exercise 5
Equipment: Digital Multimeter

Module 7
Frames, Steering, and Suspension
Motorcycle/ATV frames; front and rear suspension; steering systems.
Brakes, Wheel Assemblies, and Tires
Drum and hydraulic disc brakes; anti-lock braking systems (ABS); wheel assemblies and axles.

Practical Exercise 6

Module  8

Motorcycle Maintenance
Engine maintenance; emission systems controls operation and maintenance; detailing/cleaning; storage.

Motorcycle Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting drive system, electrical, carburetion, chassis, and engine-related problems.
Practical Exercise 7

Work Experience Option

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