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Motorcycle Mechanic Technical Course in Islamabad

Motorcycle Mechanic Technical Course in Islamabad

Program Outline
Program Goal: To prepare students to gain entry-level employment as motorcycle repair technicians by studying the components, systems, and troubleshooting procedures used in the motorcycle and ATV industry
Instruction Sets
Your program consists of eight Instruction Sets written to take you step-by-step through the knowledge and skills you’ll use in your new career.
Instruction Set 1

Introduction to Motorcycle and ATV Repair
Career opportunities; types of motorcycles and ATVs; tools; safety.
Instruction Set 2

Motorcycle and ATV Engine Configurations
Engine ratings; single- and multi-cylinder two- and four-stroke engines.

Practical Exercise 1

Instruction Set 3
Four-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine
Four-stroke engine operation; basic components; compression and ignition.

Two-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine
Two-stroke engine operation; the advantages and disadvantages of two-stroke engines.

Practical Exercise 2

Instruction Set 4
Lubrication and Cooling Systems
Lubricants; oil types; bearings; bushings; seals; two- and four-stroke engine lubrication; air and liquid cooling systems.

Fuel Systems
Operation and design of carburetors; fuel delivery and injection systems; fuel tank and accessories.
Clutches, Transmissions, and Drives
Clutch types and repair; inspecting and replacing transmission components; final drive systems.

Practical Exercise 3

Instruction Set 5

Two-Stroke Engine Top End Inspection
Removal of engine and top end components; top end reassembly; installing the engine.
Two-Stroke Engine Lower End Inspection
Removing external engine components; crankshaft repair; lower end reassembly.
Four-Stroke Engine Top End Inspection
Engine removal; disassembly, inspection and reassembly of top end; engine installation and break-in.
Four-Stroke Engine Lower End Inspection
Removing electrical components, clutch, and oil pump; crankshaft disassembly and inspection; engine reassembly.

Practical Exercise 4

Instruction Set 6
Electrical Fundamentals
AC and DC current; circuits; electrical measurement.
Charging and Ignition Systems
Operation of charging and ignition systems; types and components; troubleshooting and maintenance.
DC Circuits for Motorcycles and ATVs
Starting systems; lighting and special accessory circuits; warning gauges/lights.

Practical Exercise 5
Equipment: Digital Multimeter

Instruction Set 7
Frames, Steering, and Suspension
Motorcycle/ATV frames; front and rear suspension; steering systems.
Brakes, Wheel Assemblies, and Tires
Drum and hydraulic disc brakes; anti-lock braking systems (ABS); wheel assemblies and axles.

Practical Exercise 6

Instruction Set 8

Motorcycle Maintenance
Engine maintenance; emission systems controls operation and maintenance; detailing/cleaning; storage.

Motorcycle Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting drive system, electrical, carburetion, chassis, and engine-related problems.
Practical Exercise 7

Work Experience Option

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