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Money, Banking and Finance Diploma Course in Islamabad

This module covers introductory monetary, banking and finance theory and issues relating to policy and regulation of the banking and financial system. The module introduces the basic concepts in money and banking

Course Outline:
Introduce basic concepts and principles in money and banking
establish how monetary policy and the financial markets work in theory and practice
Demonstrate the importance of asymmetric information in regulating financial markets
Enable students to understand the main policy challenges central banks face in choosing appropriate goals, instruments and targets in the conduct of their monetary policy

Learning objectives

Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the functions of money and the financial system
Understand the main determinants of interest rates in the bond and money markets
Understand the importance of asymmetric information problems and the use of regulation
examine models to explore the causes and consequences of monetary policy decisions
understand how central banks conduct monetary policy
Understand the role of money and monetary policy as determinants of the aggregate levels of national spending and income, output, employment and prices

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