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Micro Financing Diploma Course in Islamabad

This course provides a unique opportunity to explore the area of microfinance and wealth creation—both from a theoretical and practical point of view—with a unique, global perspective.This course is designed to explore and analyze the key issues associated with microfinance and wealth creation. In the process I will address such
questions as: What is microfinance? What are the various business models for microfinance institutions (MFI’s) and wealth creation? Which of these models are sustainable, scalable and reproducible? What is the social and economic impact of MFI’s? What are the benefits and limitations of microfinance as a path for alleviating poverty?

Course Outline:
I. Microfinance Overview
II. MFI Models & Loan Products
MFI Group Lending Models
MFI Individual Lending Models
MFI Loan Products & Related Issues
III. MFI Financial Products & Other Products
MFI Savings and Savings Products
MFI Microinsurance
Mobile Telephony, Internet & Other Technology Solutions for
Distributing MFI Products
IV. MFI Commercialization, Transformation, Regulation, and Corporate
Governance Issues
Transformation & Regulation
Corporate Governance Issues
V Funding and Financing MFIs
Donor Funding & the Strings Attached
Capital Markets Generally
Debt Capital Markets Financing
Equity Capital Markets Financing
VI. Microfinance Investment Vehicles
 MFI Investments as an Asset Class & Microfinance Investment Vehicles
VII. Measuring Social Impact & Social Impact Investing
Measuring Social Impact Generally
Venture Capital (VC) & SME Social Impact Investing

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