Meat Cutting and Processing Diploma Course in Islamabad

Meat Cutting and Processing Diploma Course in Islamabad

Food Technology has been designed to teach students to apply knowledge of food laws & standards, workshop practice and hospitality fundamentals & advances. 1st year, fundamental/introductory subjects comprising the fundamentals of technology accompanied by allied (i-e Workshop Practice) and related studies (Applied Maths., Chemistry etc.) courses are taught. 2nd year involves the training in broader field medium complexity level which includes food chemistry, food laws & standards, food plant layout & hygiene etc.
In the final year, students will be trained in a more practical way by imparting advanced level technical courses i-e hospitality management, nutrition & dietetics, food engineering etc.

Food safety is a fundamental public health concern. The Food Safety and Halal has become an area of priority and necessity for consumers, retailers, manufacturers and regulators.
PIM has designed this program to develop Food safety and halal assurance skills and will help professionals to understand the functions and challenges faced by an organization in halal certification process. This program will provide a holistic understanding and emphasis on food safety along with halal aspects, equipped with technical learning modules such as good documentation requirements, industry-friendly food safety & halal control systems as well as focus on practical applications in real world food processing environment.

Scheme of Studies
First Year

Business Management-I
Computer Applications
Engineering Drawing
Workshop Practice
Introduction to Food Science and Technology
General and Food Microbiology
Second Year

Business Management and Industrial Economics
Food Chemistry & Analysis
Fruits, Vegetables & Beverage Technology
Fats & Oils Technology
Meat, Poultry & Fish Technology
Food Plant Layout and Hygiene
Food Packaging
Sugar & Confectionery Technology
Food Laws & Standards

we are offering this diploma course in Distance Learning mode of studies. As we have got a lot of requests from students and professionals working abroad, not having enough time to complete these courses on regular mode of study due to Jobs or Academic qualifications.No doubt this is also a good oppertunity to those who want to improve their CPD (Continous Progress Development).We are approved / affiliated with SECP, RCCI, National Training Bureau, Trade Testing Board, Skill Development Council, Professional Skill Science Course, Skill Development Association, Trade Testing Professional Council, IQRA Educaional Council, Professional Skill Educational Council,Awarding Body for Qualifications & Certifications United Kingdom. World Safety Organization (WSO-USA), IOSH, NEBOSH, Interanational Association of Safety Professionals IASP-USA, IPQI-USA, CIEH (Approved center No. ORG02148), IIRSM, CAB-QC Canada, United Kingdom Association of Professionals UK, Innovative Certifications Registrar ICR International & Training Accreditation and Certification Organization (Traccert Canada). So we have now got approval from different organizations for these Distance Learning Programs. Meat Cutting and Processing Diploma Course in Islamabad

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