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Masons Course in Islamabad

Masons Course in Islamabad

(Brick work, Block work & Stone work)
This is the basic document developed for training the craftsmen of the Masonry Occupation in the areas of Brick work, Block work and Stone work. The main objective of this document is to provide an idea to any body on the Content of this Course. In this document, a page or several pages have been allocated to mention the following details of each and every module.
 The task related to the module.
 The Standards which have to be maintained in performing them.
 The basic knowledge required to perform them.
 The tools, machines and training aids required to complete the module.
 The time recommended for completing the module.
The task and standards have not been identified for the basic modules, BM-01 & BM-02 and the instructor can decide them according to his/her wish.
Related knowledge for the Module
 Types of bricks and their standard measurements and specifications.
 Standards and specifications of sand.
 Characters of bricks and sand and the field tests can be performed to identify such characters.
 The reason for soaking bricks.
 The required consistency of cement sand mortor and the field tests can be used to check the consistency.
 English and Flemish bonds.
 Notations, Abbreviations, Symbols used to indicate the brick works in Drawings/Plans / Maps.
 The tools and implements used to construct brick walls.
 Safety precautions to be followed while constructing brick walls.
 The advantages and disadvantages of various bond pattern.
 Load bearing and non load bearing walls.
 Providing openings, size limitation and location for door and window frames.
 RCC band, their locations, sizes, types of materials required, reinforcement and there applications.
Pre Requisite
 Taking and reading measurements.
 Ability to use appropriate tools and implements.
 Ability to mix cement sand mortar.
 Ability to erect the scaffoldings in small scale.
 Ability to work on scaffoldings at higher level.
List of tools, Equipments, teaching and learning material for the module
 Gauge box
 Shovel
 Pans (Tagari)
 Mortor boards
 Masonry trowel (karandi)
 Pointing trowel
 Float (Garmala)
 Plumb bob (Saal)
 Leveling rod (Guz)
 Brick hammer (Teshi)
 String (Sutar)
 Tri square and Builders Square (Gunya)
 Brush
 Measuring tape “30m and 3m” (Fita)
 Levels Spade (Belcha)
 Wheel barrows (Rairy)

Masons Course in Islamabad

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 28500 PKR.

For Registration Please Contact Us : 0336-3333792 , 051-8314594

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