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Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration in Islamabad

Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration in Islamabad

This qualification is aimed at candidates who are developing, implementing and monitoring administrative services within their organisation. It will support candidates’ progression in the workplace, particularly at management level, through the development of high level administrative skills.
The awarding body for this qualification is ProQual Awarding Body and the regulatory body is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). The specification for this qualification has been approved by the Welsh Government for use by centres in Wales and by the Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) for use by centres in Northern Ireland.
The qualification has been accredited onto the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and provides a progression route to higher level or discipline related qualifications.

Qualification Profile
Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration

Qualification title
ProQual Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration
Ofqual qualification number 601/4758/1
Level 4
Total qualification time 400 hours
Guided learning hours 296
Assessment Pass or fail
Internally assessed and verified by centre staff
External quality assurance by ProQual verifiers

Entry Requirements
There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.
Centres should carry out an initial assessment of candidate skills and knowledge to identify any gaps and help plan the assessment.

Qualification Structure
To achieve the qualification candidates must complete a minimum of: 57 credits

• 18 credits from the Mandatory units in Group A, plus
• a minimum of 26 credits from Optional Group B
• a maximum of 13 credits from Optional Group C

Group A Mandatory Units – complete all units
Unit Reference
D/506/1956 Resolve administrative problems
T/506/1946 Manage the work of an administrative function
Y/506/1910 Communicate in a business environment
F/506/1819 Manage personal and professional development
Group B Optional Units – a minimum of 26 credits
Unit Reference
Contribute to the design and development of an information system
F/506/1951 Manage information systems
H/506/1957 Prepare specifications for contracts
M/506/1959 Council for Administration
Support environmental sustainability in a business environment
D/506/1911 Contribute to the improvement of business performance
F/506/1917 Monitor information systems
H/506/1912 Negotiate in a business environment
J/506/1918 Evaluate the provision of business travel or accommodation
K/506/1913 Develop a presentation
K/506/1944 Manage an office facility
M/506/1914 Deliver a presentation
M/506/1945 Analyse and present business data
T/506/1915 Create bespoke business documents
Group C Optional Units – a maximum of 13 credits
Unit Reference
A/506/1995 Manage a budget
A/506/2032 Manage knowledge in an organisation
F/506/1982 Develop working relationships with stakeholders
H/506/2042 Recruitment, selection and induction practice
J/506/1949 Develop and maintain professional networks
K/506/1989 Manage physical resources
K/506/1992 Prepare for and support quality audits
L/506/2004 Manage business risk
M/506/1962 Encourage learning and development
R/506/1999 Manage a project
T/506/1980 Initiate and implement operational change
T/506/1994 Conduct quality audits
Y/506/1955 Develop and implement an operational plan
D/506/2055 Design business processes
F/506/2064 Optimise the use of technology
J/506/2048 Establish business risk management processes
R/506/2053 Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
A/506/1821 Manage team performance
J/506/1921 Manage individuals’ performance
K/506/1927 Manage conflict within a team
K/506/1930 Implement and maintain business continuity plans and
M/506/1928 Procure products and/or services
M/506/1931 Collaborate with other departments
Y/506/1924 Chair and lead meetings
D/506/2153 Champion customer service
J/506/2292 Encourage innovation
Barred Units

Source Units
Target Units
Manage business risk
Establish business risk management processes
Centre Requirements

Centres must be approved to offer this qualification. If your centre is not approved please complete and submit form ProQual Additional Qualification Approval Application.
Staff delivering this qualification must be appropriately qualified and/or occupationally competent.

Assessors/Internal Quality Assurance
For each competence-based unit centres must be able to provide at least one assessor and one internal verifier who are suitably qualified for the specific occupational area. Assessors and internal verifiers for competence-based units or qualifications will normally need to hold appropriate assessor or verifier qualifications, such as:

• Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment
• Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement
• Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
• Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices
• Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices

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