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Leather Garments Stitcher Course in Islamabad

Leather Garments Stitches Course in Islamabad

 Name of course : Leather Garments Stitches(Practical / Theory)
 Overall objective of course
This short term course aims to provide specific skills in the areas of Assembling & Stitching with regard to the manufacture of leather garments.
To achieve main goal of this course trainee should able to following objectives:-
1. Provision of basic Stitching Practical / Theory
2. Knowledge of basic information about garment stitching essential/latest tools and equipment
3. Provide knowledge of enhancement methods.
4. Knowledge of numbering and different types of thread, needles, leather thickness, assembling
technique, tracing & folding technique, and use of tape and adhesive.
5. Knowledge of sewing machines, over-lock, zigzag or plain lock stitch sewing machine and more.
6. Knowledge of fabric composition, work specification, sequence of operations, safety precautions and other reference materials.
7. Knowledge of different stitches, and designs,
8. Knowledge to finish products/garments or other associated articles.
9. Identify required tools and measuring instruments.
10. Take measurements and specs of different body parts with measuring tools and instruments.
11. Gain the knowledge of various types of garments, basic literacy about technical files and detail of garments
12. Handle the different types of industrial sewing machine
13. Adopt safety precautions during stitching of garments.

Competencies gained after completion of course
1. Gain the knowledge of various types of garments.
2. Handle the different types of industrial sewing machine
3. Ability to perform proper use of basic hand tools and equipment during sewing
4. Identify different sewing machine how to perform.
5. Able for general machine maintenance and keeping accessories and machine parts well in place for smooth production.
6. Will be able to collect all the necessary accessories that are required in regarding order.
7. Learner will be able to assemble all part of the body of garment.
8. Learner Will be able to complete/stitch whole garment along with lining
9. Ability to understand a wide range of materials considering their characteristics and properties.
10. Will be able to perform minor repair.
11. Will be able to use tools and equipment in a safe manner.
12. Ability to keep and adjust the safety devices on machine

Leather Garments Stitcher Course in Islamabad

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 28500 PKR.

For Registration Please Contact Us : 0336-3333792, 051-8314594

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