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HVACR Technician Course in Islamabad

HVACR Technician Course in Islamabad

Overall Objective of course
This course is about the necessary needs of refrigeration and air conditioning in modern age.
There are some over all objectives of this course, as follows
1- Discuss the basic components of refrigeration to complete the basic compression cycle.
2- Explain the relationship among pressure, Temperature, Volume, when a refrigerant passes through refrigeration  and air conditioning cycle.
3- Discuss the different types of commercial HVACR units according to specific need.
4- Include both the theory of HVACR and hands on laboratory work.
5- Contains all the most recent information and advance that are necessary to prepare the technician for today’s world.
Competencies gained after completion of course
The learner will be able to install and repair units ranging in size from small window air conditioners up to large control systems, and also able to install motors, compressors and other components. At the end the learner connects ducts, refrigerant lines and piping, as
well as makes power hookups. In the event of breakdown, they find the cause and make repair.
Job Opportunities
The pass outs of this course may find job/employment opportunities in the following sectors/areas:
1 Air conditioners manufacturing industry
2 Refrigerators manufacturing industry
3 Self-employment as HVACR Installation, Service & Troubleshooting Technician for residential, commercial & industrial units
4 HVACR sales / service / repair workshops

HVACR Technician Course in Islamabad

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 28500 PKR.

For Registration Please Contact Us : 0336-3333792, 051-8314594



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