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Hazard Identification certificate Course in Islamabad

Hazard Identification certificate Course in Islamabad

Hazard identification is a key part of any injury & illness prevention program within the workplace. If hazards are not identified, then they cannot be mitigated properly. In order to maintain a healthy & positive working environment, it is important to recognize hazards and implement control measures to eliminate or mitigate those hazards. Working within the workplace on daily basis imposes numerous hazards and failure to recognize the nature of these hazards will lead to incidents, accidents, injuries or deaths. The course provides a methodology for identifying hazards in the form of formal inspections, safety surveys and methods to conduct Job Hazard Analysis(JHA)/ Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The course will highlight how to properly evaluate hazards depending on their risk priority and will provide the suitable control measures such as elimination, substitution, engineering controls or administrative controls. This course will also cover the required personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of hazards. In addition, this course will provide an understanding of the formal processes required to identify, control and monitor hazards in the workplace.

Course Outline:

• Define a hazard.
• The difference between Hazard and Risk.
• Calculate risk using a risk score calculator.
• Explain legislative requirements for hazard identification and control measures.
• Conducting JHA/JSA
• Describe hazards that have the potential to harm workers, the work environment and the organizations.
• Identify hazards and apply risk assessment procedures.
• Undertake various forms of hazard assessment that relate to the workplace and work activities.
• Identify optimal and practical control methods and evaluate their effectiveness.
• Describe actions in the event of control failure.
• Understand the hierarchy of controls.

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