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Graphic Designer Course in Islamabad

Graphic Designer Course in Islamabad

The Graphic Designer course has been designed to provide the students with the necessary skills required to meet the demand of to-days professional job market of advertising/design field. This will be accomplished by giving the students several studio project designed to develop knowledge of layout, illustration, photography, presentation skills, traditional pre-press to computer based projects and finished portfolio skills required for job search process. This course is designed for those learners who want to make their career in Commercial Designing and Media sector.
Overall objectives of Course:
The overall objectives of the course of Graphic Designer are as under:
 Develop Basic Skills of Computer
 Develop the skills necessary to effectively use the basic tools of design, illustration, and production.
 Demonstrate creative problem solving skills through projects that require realistic solutions.
 Acquire a working knowledge of graphic and web design, layout, illustration, typography, and computer graphics
 Understand the graphic design process.
 Visualize ideas graphically.
 Have overview of terminology of computer graphics
 Introduction to vector and Raster Graphics
 Integrate/Manipulate vector and raster graphics
 Prepare students for the employment demand of working with deadlines, clients, art directors, and budgets.
 Development of Assignment and different practical projects
 Develop a professional portfolio
Competencies gained after completion of course:
Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
 Create properly composed, well balanced designs.
 Effectively use the visual elements in a composition and apply the principles of design for creative and effective artwork.
 Identify and recognize a well crafted piece of art.
 Acquire a basic knowledge of art terminology to express their ideas verbally
 Communicate their ideas effectively in print and electronic media
 Be able to open to new ideas and influences, and quick to react to changing trends
 Enable the trainees to develop self- discipline, make budgets and to meet deadlines/ production schedules
 Acquire good business sense and sales ability who work as a freelancer or have to run their own business in the field of Advertising.

Graphic Designer Course in Islamabad

Course Complete Charges (FEE) : 28500 PKR.

For Registration Please Contact Us : 0336-3333792, 051-8314594

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