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Gas Tester Certificate Course in Islamabad


Gas Tester Certificate Course in Islamabad

In hydrocarbon facilities, it is required to undertake gas testing in all locations where injury to personnel or damage to property could occur due to the presence of hazardous elements. These hazardous elements may consist of enriched or deficient oxygen levels or flammable, and toxic gases. Gas testing is required to confirm that the atmosphere in the work environment is safe before personnel is permitted to enter or conduct work. This course has theoretical and practical components that participants must successfully complete.

Course Outline:

• Introduction to Gas Testing.
• Policy and requirements for Gas Testing
• Identify common gas hazards
• Summarize gas testing standards
• Prepare and plan for monitoring
• Gas Tester
• Gas Testing Equipment
• Gas Sampling
• Identify and control hazardous oxygen levels
• Atmospheric monitoring of asphyxiant gases
• Identify and control flammable gases
• Define LEL, UEL, and TLV
• Identify and control toxic gases
• Identify TWA, STEL, Peaks, IDLH atmospheres
• Comply with sampling rules and standards
• Maintain equipment
• Change sensors in the field
• Conduct bump and calibration testing of the equipment

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