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Fisheries Management Diploma Course in Islamabad

This Course provides the student with an understanding of the processes for managing commercial, recreational and traditional fisheries under the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD). On the successful completion of this Course, students will be able to describe the status of fisheries in Pakistan and overseas, explain the need for fisheries management, identify fisheries management issues, outline the principles of fisheries management, describe the components of the fisheries management process and identify the criteria for effective fisheries management.

Course Outline:
Introductory Field Trip I
Aquatic Habitats
Life History and Management of Salmonids
Fish Husbandry I
Concepts in Biology
University Writing & Research
Aquaculture Practicum I
Project in Husbandry
Biology of Fishes
Fish Husbandry II
Aquatic Plant Ecology & Culture
Intro to Statistic
Shop Skills
Field Practicum II
Project in Husbandry II
Fisheries Engineering I—Hydrology
Fish Health
Invertebrate Zoology
Fisheries Field Techniques
Warm Water Fish Culture
Field Practicum II
Project in Husbandry III

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