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Fiber Optics Diploma Course in Islamabad

Fiber Optics Diploma Course in Islamabad

Fiber Optics
Examines the fundamental principals behind basic data and voice transmission via fiber optic cable; covers light theory, refraction, reflection, critical angle, cable mode and index ratings, and installation and termination techniques.Topics covered include fiber construction and fabrication techniques, numerical aperture,multi mode and single mode transmission theory, inter modal and intra modal dispersion, fiber attenuation, bending losses, fiber scattering mechanisms, fiber splicing and connector termination hardware, system testing and troubleshooting.Fiber transmission theory is supplemented with hands on training in the safe handling of fibers, removal of the buffer coating, fiber cleaving, mechanical and fusion splicing, connector termination, insertion and return loss measurements, and optical time domain reflectometry.
Course Outline:
Fiber optic technology overview Handling optical cable
Benefits and applications Removing tight buffer fiber, and primary buffer
Propagation and material interaction Fiber strength testing
Fiber construction and fabrication Cleaving optical fibers
Modes in a dielectric waveguide Mechanical splicing techniques
Intermodal dispersion and fiber bandwidth
Multi mode and single mode transmission
Optical cable construction
Dispersion Fusion Splicing
– Chromatic Connector termination and polishing
– Polarization mode dispersion Connector inspection and cleaning
Spectral attenuation Testing with a light source and optical power meter
Optical fiber interconnects Power ratio testing
Test methodologies 
– Light sources and optical power meters
Classroom: Day Three Lab:
Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
(OTDR) Test methods for optical interconnects
Light sources for fiber optics – Return loss measurements
Semiconductor laser diodes – Insertion loss measurements
Optical detectors – OTDR system characterization

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  1. Muhammad Fazeel Rehman

    I am already working in Saudi Telecom in saudi Arabia i need a diploma in fiber optic llz send me details

  2. Sir, I want to do Fiber Optic splicing/connection etc diploma/training. Please give me some detail about course, fee, classes schedule etc. Thanks

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