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Environmental Management Course in Islamabad

Environmental Management Course in Islamabad

The Environmental Management course was designed to gain the basic understanding of environmental issues and the impacts of organizations on the environment. This course covers the global and local environmental issues and provides a practical approach to enable organizations to improve their environmental performance and reduce their impacts. The course highlights the international standards on environmental regulations, environmental management systems, and will identify key issues and trends that would potentially impact the environment.

Course Outline:
• Introduction
• What does Environmental Management Stands for?
• Environmental Awareness.
• Global environmental trends and issues
• Complexity and wicked problems
• Environmental and sustainable development objectives
• Managing Environmental Responsibilities.
• Environmental Management Systems
• Overview of environmental management assessment, re-porting and compliance
• Spill Control and Counter Measures Procedures
• Pollution (soil, air, water) and environmental degradation
• Environmental ethics
• Systems based approaches
• International Standards and Regulations
• Careers in environmental management
• Energy Management
• Sustainable Procurement

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