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Energy Management Diploma Course in Islamabad

This comprehensive, convenient and cost effective three-part program will provide you with a hands-on, practical, real-world energy management education leading to your professional diploma. And it can be done in less than one year!
While not a degree or a specific certification of your qualifications, earning the diploma represents solid evidence of your successful completion of the course requirements and illustrates your dedication to becoming more knowledgeable of your field and valuable to your organization .

Learning outcome
The course provides the student with knowledge about:
– Holistic and multi-disciplinary solutions that provide optimal indoor environment in a resource-wise and economically sound manner.
– Calculation and evaluation methods for profitability assessments of measures.
– Indoor environment – standards and recommendations, building hygiene, health and quality of life..
– The interaction between the outdoor climate, building, energy supply and technical installation.
– Heat loss and heat gains in buildings and what affects the building’s heat balance in the short and long term.
– Thermal energy supply by means of combustion and electric boilers, heat pumps, solar heating systems, district heating.
– Technical installations for heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water, lighting, heat recovery.
– Control and building automation.
– Measurement techniques and instrumentation.
– Management, operation and maintenance.

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