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Electrical & Mechanical Safety Course in Islamabad

Electrical & Mechanical Safety Course in Islamabad

This course is designed to educate participants on electrical and mechanical hazards that can be found in any work location. This course will highlight the basic rules of electrical safety, the appropriate clothing and PPE to wear when working around electrical or mechanical areas, the reason why circuits should be grounded and how to test a circuit for proper grounding and how ground fault circuit interrupter works. It also explains how to use test equipment and instruments safely. The course will also develop an understanding of insulated tools and other protective equipment, and how to identify alerting techniques and learn the required safety procedures working with overhead lines.

Course Outline:
• Equipment for Hazardous Locations
• Electrical Safety and Protection
• Electrical Hazards
• Electrical Safety Equipment
• Electrical Safety Procedures
• Grounding, Ground Faults, and Short Circuits
• Working, Safely with Electricity
• Electrical Equipment Safety
• A Safe Work Environment
• Electrical Safety in the Workplace – Understanding NFPA 70E
• Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition
• Work Involving Electrical Hazards
• Mechanical Systems
• Working Safely with Machinery
• Basic Mechanics
• The Safe Use of Hand Tools
• The Safe Use of Portable Power Tools
• Friction and Wear
• General Requirements for Work Practices
• Working with Other People

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