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Complete Painting Diploma Course in Islamabad

Complete Painting Diploma Course in Islamabad

This course is designed for both beginners and those who take interest in wall painting and cladding, the training is designed to make student of the contemporary standard. Our paintings class introduce you to the pattern in painting and other art of wall painting. It will also introduce you to the different approach to wall painting and also best painting practices. This is to express our feelings to catch the eye of a collector. What is it that makes a wall painting move from ordinary to stunning?The secret is learning how to see wall painting finish in another dimension, the right way of paint application and different paint product specification, no matter what your subject is, the basic foundation for is colour, value, edges, and shapes needs to be in place for the right the place with the right process.

Course Outline:
Hands-on Brush Stroke
Identification of Different paint and place of Application
Painter tools and Maintenance
Wall Preparation and Surface repair
Primer, Undercoat and Stopper
Ladders, Trestle, stepladders
General safety practices for Painters
Painting artwork
The surface covering in 2/3 Dimension
Advanced Aided tool and materials for spray painting
Managing defects in painting
Wall Priming
Colour coding and mix techniques
Wall Paper and application.
Design pattern for painters
Paint cladding Natural wood finishing

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