CIT Course

CIT Course

CIT , Certificate in Information Technology Course in Islamabad,The Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) is an introductory program into the information systems discipline. It covers fundamental concepts and operation into the technology and operation of modern information systems. It focuses on techniques, tools and methods used today in the development and use of computer-based applications. The program will be offered to non-College of Management or non-Degree seeking students.

Program Information
Information Technology (IT) career prospects continue to point to an increasing demand for qualified people in this field. Many of our potential students are professionals and people in the workforce who are seeking ways to better adapt to a changing work environment where IT is now prevalent; others are students who recognize the added value that IT brings to their professional interests and fields of expertise. The certificate has been designed with these people in mind.
Course Contents
* MS Office
       1. Ms Word
       2. Ms Excel
       3. Ms Power point
       4. Ms Access
       5. Outlook
* Hardware
         1. Overview of Computer Hardware
         2. Operating System
         3. Assembling & Disassembling
         4. Installation & Networking
* Web Designing
           1. HTML
           2. CSS
           3. Java Scripting
           4.Slide Shows
* Networking
             1. Introduction to Networks
             2.Network Components
             3. Network Devices
             4. Types of Networks
             5. Advantages of Networks
             6. Resource Sharing
             5. Server
              6.Network Security
* Graphic Designing
                2. Web Browsers
                3.Internet Security
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