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CAR Mechanic Professional Course in Rawalpindi

CAR Mechanic Professional Course in Rawalpindi

This training will introduce you to the fundamental topics and equip you with the essential skills you require to be an avid car mechanic. You will learn about general maintenance as well as car mechanic tools. This course will educate you on automotive maintenance, tires, dashboard indicator lights, transmission fluids and more. Moreover, this course will train you in different car systems like the cooling system, the fuel system, the electrical system, etc. Besides, you will get to know about the difference between automatic and manual transmissions. This car maintenance training will also teach you how to check tire pressure, change a tire, check the brake system and more.
Module 1: Safety Rules & Introduction to Tools
Module 2: General Maintenance for Car Mechanics
Module 3: Dashboard Indicator Lights
Module 04: Tyres
Module 5: Internal Combustion Engines & Engine Oil
Module 6: The Cooling System
Module 7: The Fuel System
Module 8: The Electrical System
Module 9: The Drive Train
Module 10: Brakes
Module 11: Buying a Car
Mock Exam – Car Mechanic Training
Final Exam – Car Mechanic Training
Assignment – Car Mechanic Training

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