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Bike Mechanic Professional Course in Pakistan

Bike Mechanic Professional Course in Pakistan

This course is designed for any cyclist with an intermediate knowledge of bike mechanics who wants to perform more advanced installation, maintenance and repair procedures up to professional level. It is also recommended to any person looking for a prospective employment as bike mechanic or shop assistant in the retail sector.

Our approach combines theory and practice, placing a particular emphasis in the adequate understanding of the mechanical and working principles of all bike components, more specifically of transmission, brakes and wheels. Carrying out several practical exercises on different types of bikes, the student would gain the practical skills and experience to assemble, adjust and service an extensive range of bike components at a professional level. One-day session is dedicated to wheel-building, including the selection of wheel components for different uses.

With the knowledge and experience gained at this course, keen home-mechanics would increase their understanding of bike mechanics and improve their practical skills and workshop experience to a higher, professional standard. This course is also an excellent starting point for any person who may be interested to work in the cycling sector either as bike mechanic, customer services, shop assistant or even opening his/her own business.

Course Outline:
Frames and Forks: materials, geometry and prepping before bike assembly.
Forks and Headsets: Types, installation and maintenance.
Bottom Brackets: Types, installation and maintenance
Transmission: Mechanical principles, different parts and types.
How to calculate and choose the right gearing. Gear calculator, selection of parts, and compatility.
Installation and Maintenance of Cranks, Cassettes and Chains
Installation, Adjustment and Maintenance of External Gear systems: Shimano and Sram
Rim and Disc Brakes: Mechanical principles. Pros and Cons depending type of use.
Installation, Adjustment and Maintenance of Rim Brakes: Caliper, Cantilever and V-Type.
Installation, Adjustment and Maintenance of Mechanical Disc Brakes.
Installation and Adjustment of Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Shimano and Magura.
Bleeding and Maintenance of Hydraulic Brake Systems.
Wheels: Mechanical Principles and Criteria for choosing Components. Hubs, Rims and Spokes
Wheel Building: Lacing Patterns and Wheel Truing.
Wheel Repairs: Rim and Hubs servicing.
Handlebar Tape installation and final details for custom bicycles.

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