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Auto Mechanic practical Course in Rawalpindi

Auto Mechanic practical Course in Rawalpindi

The task of an auto mechanic is to maintain and repair the vehicle, to check it for any malfunction, check out the whole vehicle, check the functioning of the repaired part, etc. To have a good and regular auto mechanic is a base for any modern man who cannot imagine his daily life without his car. One of the prerequisites for a good auto mechanic is great knowledge of mechanics, as well as great physical endurance.

Program Objectives:
After completing the Auto Mechanic program, students will be able to:

Identify the hand and power tools, lift equipment, and diagnostic equipment used to evaluate, repair, and maintain automobiles and explain the procedures required for the safe use of each item.
Describe the various engine types, body styles, and drive systems that are used to classify cars and light trucks.
List the steps that must be followed during a standard vehicle inspection and describe the specifications that determine safe-vehicle conditions during each step.
Identify and describe the standard parts of the engine, lubrication and cooling system, electrical/electronic system, and steering and suspension systems for standard automobiles and light trucks.
Describe the parts, tools, and processes used to disassemble, rebuild, and reassemble an automobile or light-truck engine.

An auto mechanic’s work responsibilities may include:

performing diagnostics on all computer systems and electrical components to ensure they are functioning properly
telling customers if repairs are needed and how important they are
working out the estimated time and cost for jobs
carrying out repairs and replacing damaged parts
road testing the vehicle to check the repair work
fitting and servicing accessories like radios and alarms
carrying out standard servicing and checks
carrying out MOT tests or converting standard engines
customizing vehicles for their owners
working on electric and hybrid vehicles.

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