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Auditing & Safety Course in Islamabad

Auditing & Safety Course in Islamabad

Auditing and Safety Course has been designed to equip delegates with an in-depth knowledge of auditing health and safety management systems to third-party standards including OHSAS 18001, providing OH&S practitioners and systems auditors with the understanding and skills necessary to professionally audit an OH&S management system. The course focuses on developing auditor skills, techniques and competence allow-ing delegates to visualize and identify site issues, providing an element of ‘real-life’ auditing and observation in the class-room environment.

Course Outline:
• Introduction to Auditing and Safety
• Purpose and structure of the OH&S Standards (OHSAS 18001, ILO OHS 2000)
• Review of OH&S legislation and codes of practice
• Identification of OH&S hazards and risk evaluation
• Principles of auditing, auditor skills and responsibilities and the audit cycle:
• Planning – use of checklists.
• Interviewing and evaluation of information.
• Observation – objective evidence.
• Evaluating the significance of nonconformity.
• Corrective actions and effective follow-up programmers.
• Effective improvement.
• Accreditation and certification.
• Sources of information and further development

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